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We may be inspired by mountain tops, but you may enjoy biking, hiking or canoing. Find your outdoor passion and repeat often.


As the name implies, Ascend Together started to ascend racial division while ascending to the tops of mountains. Which is how we raise awareness for racial unity as a foundation. Recognizing that mountaineering is not for everyone, we encourage you to find your happy outside. Try something new, meet new people. You'll find we are more alike than different.

It takes every single one of us to make strides in our microenvironment. Be the change you want to see. Be kind. Be inclusive of those that look different than you. Seek to understand others. Reach out to old friends and make new ones too. Show the world we are all a human community. It's as easy as smiling to one another as you pass in the hall or on the trail.


Speaking of trails, find a local event here that you can participate in -- don't see one near you? Contact us to start one and have it listed!

Form a hiking group or go on nature walk with friends, both are low-cost and build community. The idea is simple: get outside and include all people! Don't forget to tag us when you post on all your social media - we repost! Remember, #ascendtogetherfoundation stands for unity. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we're up to.

Social media has made way for our voices so use it. Invite friends to our pages. Post pictures, share stories. Teach your children by your actions. Stopping racial division won't happen overnight. Be persistent and be determined to leave the world better than you found it. 

We have big goals as seen below but need your help. Join together with all people. Raise awareness by posting on social media. Donate. That's where to start. 

Community Awareness

It's not enough to be passive any longer. We promote a united humanity,actively. Double entendre implied. Find a community activity you can participate in here! We are all community.



In partnership with generous donors, we will provide the information and gear needed for outdoor participation.

Early Education

Our children are the future and they naturally love being outside. We must show them through action to embrace each other and to enjoy the outdoors as we age.

Promote Humanity




We will work with partners regarding places where the outdoors is not as accessible. Programs are needed to bridge the gap that exists in urban America and the outdoors.



Everyone belongs outside. We educate and encourage those who previously thought that climbing or outdoors wasn't for them. Find an activity here.


Happy group of friends hiking together o



What are you waiting for? Get going!

Stronger together, divided we fall.

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