Our First Climb is on the Books!

Before we can be the 1st American 'interracial' husband and wife team to summit Mt Everest in the name of racial unity -- we have many training climbs to accomplish.

Nestled about 30 miles south of Ecuador's capital city, Quito, Cotopaxi is an active stratovolcano and the second highest peak in the country. Standing at 19,347 ft tall, Cotopaxi is a popular climb in the Andes mountains.

We have compiled a 9-day itinerary with the mountaineering company Climbing the Seven Summits with a private guide to walk us through "snow school" for a few days prior to attempting to summit Cotopaxi. Quito itself sits at over 9000 ft above sea level so we will spend a few days acclimatizing and climbing a few other peaks in preparation for our summit bid.

A mix of excitement and nerves are in the air, but the more we think about the mission of Ascend Together we are more energized to get the climbing party started. In the coming months we will alter our physical training modes to prepare us aerobically for the climb and altitude. We will also travel to higher elevations in the US for an occasional practice hike over long weekends.

Continue to follow our journey here on the blog but also Instagram and Facebook are updated regularly with unity and training content.

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If all goes well, we will be climbing volcanoes in Ecuador in December!

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Stronger together, divided we fall.

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