An open letter to potential donors:

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

It's hard to impart the heart and the why of a movement and we will work to do that over our first several articles. This is a copy of our draft letter seeking donors to further our cause - human unity.


I’m going to jump right to it -- my husband and I are what most people consider an interracial couple – I am white and he is dark-skin black (though at our house the main concern is if the toilet seat stays up or down similarly to many married people). Like everyone we have been outraged by the racial divisions that we have seen. However, unlike most people we are dedicated to causing postitive change. This is why we founded the Ascend Together Foundation, a nonprofit organization for the purpose of promoting racial unity through positive action.

We are novice mountaineers but are using mountaineering as a way to encourage unity of all people as we overcome the unimaginable challenges together – a metaphor for the challenges that we face as a nation to end racism. We have a future goal of being the 1st interracial couple to tackle Mt Everest and will announce for Dr. King, Let freedom ring.

You can help Ascend Together Foundation. Your support is integral to help us get people of all backgrounds onto mountains and in front others to raise awareness. #ascendtogetherfoundation is the social media call to promote the unity of all.

Would you consider donating to help us with this?

Not to be confused with racial equality – that is its own important issue that will be improved with racial unity. But we know that as long as we view each other as distinct and separate communities, racial injustices will live – and that understanding that we are all the same, is what will put an end to racism. That is the purpose of Ascend Together Foundation – promoting racial unity, together.

Thank you for your consideration!

Best regards,

Jill White

Co-Director, Ascend Together Foundation

P.S. Help us put an end to integration with separation, donate to promote unity of all!

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