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Standing together as a single human race regardless of the obstacle, and inspiring positive change through action.


Ascend Together Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the purpose of promoting racial unity through positive action.

Founded by a pair of novice mountaineers, our mission is to use our mountaineering experience to encourage the unity of all people as we overcome the insurmountable challenges of the sport together. A considered metaphor for the challenges that we face as a nation and a world to end racial division. With a future goal of being the 1st American 'interracial' husband and wife to tackle Mt Everest, we will announce for Dr. King, Let freedom ring.

The foundation hosts free monthly outdoor community events around the country with the help of outreach partners who share the same vision that we are better together.

In addition to raising awareness for racial unity, future endeavors are to equip people of all backgrounds and ethnicities with the education and equipment needed to find their own adventure in the great outdoors. Together we will end the stigma that hiking, camping, and mountaineering are only for certain groups of people. Everyone belongs outside.

 Show the strength in unity because divided we will fall.





Recently established in 2020, we are on the lookout for companies that share our passion for unity and outdoors.


If that describes you or your organization, please consider donating or providing gear or services to help make our dream of racial unity through positive action a reality.

Stronger together, divided we fall.

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