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We will end racism when we realize that we are all the same race - human.


Number of mountains over 8000 m


Highest point in meters in N. America


Number of races we have been 

divided by


Number of races when we unite as human first

About Ascend Together Foundation

Founded to confront racial division, Ascend Together promotes racial unity through community and positive action. Literally.

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100% of funding directly impacts our mission of promoting racial unity; we operate fully with volunteers. Whether by providing equipment and community, or educating others about opportunities outdoors. Ascend Together believes we all belong outside.

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We raise awareness for racial unity and encourage human community through outdoor activity participation. 

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Overcome the mountain of racial division and climb actual mountains! Yes, you too!

Outdoors is for everyone and we endeavor to help equip all people for the opportunity. 

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We're a 'mixed-race' family that decided to do something about racial division. We founded ATF with a simple goal: demonstrate that we are all the same.

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Stronger together, divided we fall.

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